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Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) Market Analysis

M4P Studies: Several Assignments in support of the Palestinian Market Development Program

  1. Multinational Enterprises Software Outsourcing Study 
  2. Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis– Irrigation in Al Zanna and Sureij  - Gaza
  3. Business Service Providers Executive Summary 
  4. Quality of Engineers Studies 
  5. Front-line Workers in the Hospitality Industry and TVET 
  6. Animal Feed 

Market System Analysis: Business Process Outsourcing and Engineering Services Outsourcing as EnterVentures

EnterVentures has developed the Business Process Outsourcing and Engineering Services Outsourcing Market System Analysis. The study included analyzing the Palestinian supply side for the Finance, Accounting and Administrative Segment, the Human Resource Management Segment, the Contact Centres Segment and the Engineering Services Segment. It also included analyzing the demand side. Likewise, the market system variables were analyzed such as access to information, availability of infrastructure and support services. It also analyzed the informal and formal rules and laws as well as gender analysis. It concluded with a brief recommendation that aligns with benefiting the largest pool of beneficiaries who are the unemployed youth. 

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