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Carried out comprehensive diagnostic assessments of the organisational capacity of three local NGOs for the benefit of Oxfam GB:

  1. Bethlehem University/Institute for Community Partnership (ICP)
  2. The Agricultural Development Association (PARC) and
  3. The Economic & Social Development Center (ESDC)

These assessments should provide sufficient understanding of each organisation’s strengths and weaknesses to provide the basis for designing a long-term capacity building plan.

EnterVentures prepared a long-term capacity building plans for improving the capacity of each NGO tailored to their specific needs based upon the above assessments. This capacity building plan is to be implemented by the three local partners themselves, with use of external resources, hiring of external local expertise and utilization of training opportunities as required, allocated under this project budget. Thus, the plan should be developed together with the local partners programme managers/directors, ensuring their full understanding, and making every effort to make sure the plan will be feasible in consideration of the locally-available expertise.

EnterVentures worked closely with cooperative board members and employees to gather further information about each NGOs; EnterVentures conducted field visits for data collection of mentoring and coaching needs for the targeted cooperative/farmers organisation.


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