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Market Research

Employment and Entrepreneurship Sector Market Study

Conducted research for the benefit of the Palestine Employment and Social Protection Fund (PESPF) in cooperation with MAS that provided a description on the employment and entrepreneurship sector in Palestine. The research surveyed employment offices to gauge their infrastructure set-up, analyze their strengths, weaknesses, their perceived threats and opportunities. It also measured whether they have key performance indicators and what are the measured results of their accomplishments. A similar research analysis was done to the entrepreneurship sector including mapping of its current actors. Desk research was also conducted to learn about the foreign employment experiences in how they conduct their business and how the government manages the relationship with such offices as well as what key performance indicators are used.



Consulting to assist in the research for the private sector needs for new skills and technologies to be incorporated in the TVET courses for the benefit of Mercy Corps. Evaluated areas of TVET curriculum upgrade to incorporate recent technology trends whether needed globally or locally by the private sector market.

Assignment for this study included:

1) Desk research on latest trends in technologies used in economic sectors and how it can be related to vocational curriculum teaching

2) Reviewed the survey and developed a Google doc

3) Disseminated the survey to private sector  

4) Conducting interviews and focus group meeting

5) Analysis of the survey and writing the report section related to the private sector



Palestinian ICT Market Penetration Study

1. About This Report 1.1 Acknowledgement  2. Abbreviations And Acronyms

3. Executive Summary 3.1 Supply Side, 3.2 Domestic Market, 3.3 International Market, 3.3.1 Key Segments, 3.3.2 Key Geographies, 3.3.3 Opportunity Matrix

4. Introduction 4.1 Background, 4.2 Objective, 4.3 Study Approach, 4.4 Methodology

5. Supply Side Analysis 5.1 Palestine Ict Sector, 5.1.1 Palestine Ict Industry – Products And Services, 5.1.2 Education And Skill Set Availability, 5.1.3 Ict Infrastructure, 5.1.4 Regulations And Business Environment, 5.1.5 Palestine Ict Sector Challenges, 5.1.6 Swot Review

6. Local Market Analysis 6.1 Current State Of The Market, 6.1.1 Product/Services In Demand, 6.2 Demand Analysis For Ict Services, 6.2.1 Local Market Target Matrix

7. International ICT Market 7.1 Ict Products And Service Categories, 7.2 Global Ict Trends, 7.2.1 Global It-Bpo Spending Trends, 7.2.2 Gartner Hype Cycle, 7.2.3 Cloud Computing, 7.2.4 Future Of Mobile Finance, 7.3 Ict Segments Analyzed, 7.3.1 Computer Hardware, 7.3.2 Software Products, 7.3.3 It Outsourcing, 7.3.4 Bpo, 7.3.5 Training Services, 7.3.6 Telecommunications, 7.4 Key Focus Areas, 7.4.1 Key Segments, 7.4.2 Key Geographies, 7.5 Key Identified Markets, 7.5.1 Sub Saharan Africa (Ssa),  7.5.2 Middle East And North Africa (Mena), 7.5.3 United States Of America & United Kingdom, 7.6 Target Export Markets, 7.6.1 Banking Sector, 7.6.2 Health Care, 7.6.3 Ngo & Development Agencies, 7.6.4 Infrastructure Sector, 7.6.5 Others, 7.6.6 Indian Firms Looking To Expand In Middle East, 7.6.7 Microworks 7.7 Engagement Plan  

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