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EnterVentures is seeking experienced talent for its client in London to upgrade the technology of “Nuron” product that is an Android tablet based SIP softphone and turret telephony technology integrated on Asterisk open source telephony solution as the following:

1 – Audio Codec tablet/mobile application development experience for turret telephony and softphones integrated with cloud-based Asterisk/Elastix installation. Work includes recommending the best codec upgrade from an overwhelming number of available codecs for interactive voice speech / videoconferencing over IP from low to high bit-rate bandwidth Internet connectivity, codec library and patch installation, compiling and testing as well as code development for the softphone application including debugging for latency and audio quality and have the product comply with standards. Knowledge of OPUS and other royalty-free codecs are welcomed. Transcoding, Codec Modes, adaptors, PSTN, VoIP, SIP, Digium,

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2 – User Interface (UI) specialist to improve the UI of the current version of Nuron product. Work includes wireframe design, integrating designed buttons with softphone intuitive design that enables tablet/mobile swiping and scrolling. Nuron product has 3 Main functionalities:

  1. Call Management Section
  2. Contacts Management Section
  3. Private Wires / Turret Section

Pls see for more information about Nuron and the developed buttons on slide 23 to be coded in the product.

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3 – Able to work remotely under pressure with the client and coordinate with its offices in London, Amsterdam, Luxemburg, Dubai, and India

If interested please send your CV and Portfolio to ceo(at)

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