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IP Phone Mobility Survey


Looking for IP Phone Mobility?! Tell Us About Your Needs!

EnterVentures’ flagship product “Nuron” is now here! I am happy to have been able to do this Android application research and development with Forte Securities in London where they will be using the product for their trading communication.

Other businesses can also take advantage of the Nuron, a SIP-compliant Android application and the Asterisk IP PBX in the same way. Both solutions enable staff to work from anywhere and their internal calls are free while external ones are based on VoIP cost saving tariffs. Nuron brings forward to the users the following Asterisk features: Contacts Management – leveraging the server’s native address book, and providing visibility of internal extension and the Staff calling status including their call duration and the phone number of the contact engaged. You can also have a quick call reference button through the Favorite list of contacts and the function of Listing of recent calls conducted (incoming and outgoing) where users have the options of retrieving the call recording for each call to playback or to email as an attachment. PBX Management is provided on the smart Android gadgets through multi-touch, scrolling, drag and drop user interface. Users can visualize and prioritize incoming call activity from customers and can swap between two active calls, do call transfer (attended and unattended) and put a call on-hold or diverting to group queue list of calls and press a button for the Be-right-Back button to divert calls back to PBX or simply drag and drop a call to a staff extension to transfer the call. Best of all, Nuron provides users with Private Wires a.k.a Hoot-n-Holler for Turret phone technology with permanent open circuits between two or more parties for conferencing. Anyone can speak at any time over linked channels over IP (with call recording functionalities) without having to dial a phone number but just pressing a button to activate the channel. Users can then have immediate mass dissemination or exchange of information, similar to Forte Securities traders in London with their clients, where we are testing parallel processing of calls. Other features include the ability to barge on calls by supervisor, do call recording, playing and archiving of calls.

Nuron and Asterisk replace old and outdated analogue PBX equipment; enable you to reduce voice communication cost, introduce new business phone features, scale when adding new office locations and staff, and take your desk phone with you on your Android handsets while at the same time centralising the IP PBX for all your branch offices.

Wait! Dont Delete Me ... I Need Your Help!

EnterVentures is doing Market Research:

1 – Please fill out this Arabic / English survey that will test your knowledge about the latest telephone communications technologies. A slightly shorter survey version is also available.

2 – If you are able to support this project or simply interested in converting your Analogue PBX to Asterisk IP based with an interest in VoIP cost savings and softphone application, a customized unified communications Android platform, we are happy to communicate back. Please let us know your need by filling out this simple form.


Laith Kassis

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