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About Nuron


EnterVentures has managed the development and implementation of a VoIP softphone and private wires application that is Android tablet edition on behalf of its London based client in the financial services.

Standard Product Features:

  • Wi-Fi support – staff and agents can work from anywhere where needed
  • VoIP based Architecture
  • Support SIP-compliant server including the open source Asterisk
  • Speakerphone, Mute and Hold
  • Contacts Management – leveraging the server’s native address book
  • Visibility of internal extension and the Staff calling status including their call duration and the phone number of the contact engaged
  • Quick call reference button through the Favorite list of contacts
  • Listing of recent calls conducted (incoming and outgoing)
  • PBX Management
    • Multi-touch, scrolling, drag and drop User Interface
    • Users can visualize and prioritize incoming call activity from customers or clients
    • Multiple call support by swapping between two active calls
    • Call transfer (attended and unattended)
    • Call on-hold or diverting to group queue list of calls
    • Be-right-Back call button diversion to PBX
  • Private Wires a.k.a Hoot-n-Holler for Turret functionality
    • Permanent open circuit between two or more parties. Anyone can speak at any time over a distance without having to dial a phone number but just pressing a button to activate the channel.
    • Immediate mass dissemination or exchange of information to other traders within their organization or to customers and counter-parties
    • Parallel processing of calls
    • Ability to barge on Calls by Supervisor
  • Call recording, playing and archiving for PBX and Private Wires calls
    • A detailed call recording history pane that displays recorded call with ability to retrieve audio file to listen to them instantly or to email them as a file attachment
    • Server side archiving

Asterisk IP PBX and Nuron


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