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EnterVentures is comprised of talented and creative business professionals in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the processes of programs that would develop the eco-system for entrepreneurial and start-up business as well as economic development through private sector development by providing technical assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The consulting team has a wide network to mobilize funding, expertise and knowledge in the areas of managing MSMEs, incubation programs, seed stage funding and preparing MSMEs for investors as well as business development. In addition, EnterVentures applies good practices and design interventions in implementing and managing development projects in the public, private and NGO as well as the United Nations sectors.

EnterVentures believes that the economic development in Arab speaking markets and that the much needed job creation is best dealt with by enabling people to create economic value through the process of entrepreneurship and signaling of market opportunities to potential entrepreneurs and MSMEs.

Mission: To foster relationships based on trust with our clients and create value through providing high quality and creative consulting services and realize benefits for them. Value is created by imagination and innovation which is implemented and translated into goods and services that are sold in a competitive market through the process of entrepreneurship and establishing new MSME businesses. 

Vision: To become a leading partner of choice in developing entrepreneurial eco-systems and economic development mainly in the Middle East and North Africa region. Our vision for a healthy entrepreneurial eco-system is where we will have all manner of technical and business talent manifest itself to entrepreneurs. Mission: To foster relationships based on trust with our clients and create value through providing high quality and creative services and realize benefits for them.

EnterVentures Value Proposition and How We Work: EnterVentures apply its know-how of the business and community culture to lead responsible change, through alliances with other service providers, to bring end-to-end creative solutions to compelling private sector clients’ needs. Our Differentiation Factor: EnterVentures are responsible and creative in their business solutions that capitalizes on its professional track record, effective communication, regional networks, personalization of services, entrepreneurial capacity building, mentoring ad coaching for the private sector clients.

EnterVentures is a member of the Middle East North Africa Network of Incubators and the Science Park and Innovation Centers Experts (SPICE).

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